Welcome! We're Chelsy and Ricky, and this is our band CHICK!  We got married on 11/01/2021 but we've been writing songs together for over two years now. In June 2020 we realised that we were writing a whole lot of love songs that didn't really have a home, and didn't work with any of the bands and projects we were working on. So we thought - "Let's start our own band! Why not?" and CHICK was born! 

So after a bit of fine tuning and recording some demos, we enlisted the help of Richie Belkner at Free Energy Device studios in Sydney and began recording our debut record. The project quickly became its own animal as we introduced more and more members to the band, and we were lucky enough to have some of the best musicians in Australia jump on board including; 

Drums - Evan Mannell (Tim Minchin)

Bass - Zoe Hauptmann (Missy Higgins, Ian Moss) 

Hammond - Lachy Doley (Lachy Doley, Powderfinger) 

Electric Guitar - Matty Smith (Thirsty Merc, The Strides) 

These guys were absolute legends and helped make our songs into a whole new sound.  

Now we have a record with 7 songs and we're releasing one song at a time every Sunday, starting with Valentines Day, 2021. The songs are; 

1. Something New 

2. Generous

3. Forever Crush 

4. Heart Of Gold 

5. Firing Line 

6. OK 

7. Friend In Me

Now that we've made a record we need to find our tribe of humans who dig what it's all about. That's where YOU come in! We're inviting you to check the songs out as they become available, and find out more about the story behind each track (with our making of videos and social media). Then get in touch! We'd love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for finding your way to our site, 

Much love, Chelsy and Ricky ❤️


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We'd love to hear from you and keep you updated about new music and news! ❤️